Wednesday, 22 June 2016

When should I visit Bali?

When should I visit Bali? 
Read About The Perfect Timing to Make A Plan of Trip & Go Bali Tour
One of My Travel Client Request that I have always wanted to visit that place, but heard a lot about the perfect timing to go there. Any Advice? :) 
Advice : There are 4 periods in Bali, all of them are a good time to come (seriously) but I would recommend 2 of them if you have the luxury of being able to choose: -

 March-May: recommended! The weather is mild and not too rainy and, more important, there are not too many tourists! The sky looks much better on pictures during that period.
June-August: the weather is honestly great. The 2 cons, in my opinion, come from the influx of tourists during that period. First, traffic can make it time consuming to go around in the South (Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu). Second, prices rise during that period and it's more difficult to find good deals on hotels and flights.
September-November: also recommended! It's getting hotter towards the end of that period but never too hot (just last week, I thought it was really chill while driving at night on my scooter). Similar to the March-May period. - 
December-February: the only con here is the rain. It can rain heavily for 1 or 2 hours making it impossible to go anywhere meanwhile. But it doesn't rain all day long (maybe 2 or 3 times), so if you're a patient traveler who knows how to enjoy the break, you'll be fine. 
One important thing to take note of: from December 20th to January 8th, it's the peak season in Bali. Avoid that period if possible or prepare to be stuck in traffic (again, only in the South). 
So, The best season for bali is around summer / fall. You can check it out on a very useful website. Though i've been to Bali a few times in December and it was not that bad (raining every day but like 1 big shower each day...

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